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RUTUS Metal detector Atrex DD29 11.5" DD metalo detektorius RUTUS Metal detector Atrex DD29 11.5" DD metalo detektorius RUTUS Metal detector Atrex DD29 11.5" DD metalo detektorius RUTUS Metal detector Atrex DD29 11.5" DD metalo detektorius
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RUTUS Metal detector Atrex DD29 11.5" DD metalo detektorius

Prekės kodas: GP27301
Prekių ženklas: RUTUS
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The brand new RUTUS ATREX DD29 detector allows it to be used with two types of software to suit the needs of novice and experienced detectorists.
The "Advanced" software, recommended for the more experienced, is already preloaded on the machine, while the "Basic" software, designed for novices,
it can be downloaded from the website and can be loaded without the need for connection cables thanks to the WiFi system integrated in the metal detector.

ATREX allows the choice of an operating frequency between 4.4 kHz and 18.4 kHz (71 choices!) in order to best suit to various ground conditions or to optimize performance on various types of metal objects.
Among the exclusive features of this metal detector we find the "MULTIFILTER" function, which in a completely transparent way to the user, allows you to detect even more efficiently non-ferrous targets on highly mineralized ground.
For lovers of research at sea, the simultaneous dual-frequency Water Reject system of the ATREX will allow for exceptional performance and stability.
The Rutus ATREX then allows you to view the spectrum of electromagnetic interference present, in order to facilitate the choice of the best search frequency.
The metal detector is equipped with an active matrix color display with high visibility in all light conditions.
This version mounts a 11.5" white DD plate which guarantees excellent depth and stability in NO-MOTION mode.

Operating frequency ranging from 4.4 kHz and 18.4 kHz in 0.2 kHz steps;
Color LCD display;
Target ID;
Screen backlighting;
Automatic and Manual Ground Balance;
Ground Balance Tracking;
7 factory programs + 4 user programs;
Sensitivity adjustment: 90 segments;
Discrimination: range 0-120 or -90 +90;
Pinpoint mode;
Threshold Tone;
6 factory set sound profiles + 3 user programmable sound profiles;
Weight with batteries (6 AA cells) - 1630 g;
Warranty: 2 years.

Rutus Atrex metal detector;
Search white coil 11.5";
Set of covers (on the control unit and battery compartment);
Instruction Manual;
Warranty card;
Factory packing.
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