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FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo
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FMART W6 Window Cleaning Robot Langų valymo

Prekės kodas: FMART-W6
Prekių ženklas: FMART
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Double water tank system - W6 window washer robot has a double-sided ultrasonic atomizing water spray device. With two water tanks, each boasting a 25ml capacity,It can clean 1.5 square meters in 3-4min, and the Filling with water can clean up to 24 square meters at one time.This advanced system increases the cleaning efficiency by 4 times.This innovative design not only saves water providing a thorough and pristine cleaning experience,It effortlessly meets the demands of cleaning all the windows in your home.

Powerful Suction Capability - The robot window washer employs an ultra-efficient 3800PA innovative frequency conversion suction,delivering exceptional cleaning performance.Its intelligent design dynamically adapts the chassis suction strength based on the level of dirt on the glass surface, ensuring optimal and precisely calibrated cleaning power. (Note: Avoid utilizing damp cloths during operation,as they hinder suction and cause slippage),ensuring a secure grip without risking scratches.

Precautions for the first time - When using the window cleaning robot for the first time, please charge the windows cleaner robot for 3-5 hours to activate it. It is recommended to wipe the glass once and then replace it with a rag (it can be changed according to the degree of dirtiness of the glass). If the red light is flashing, if it is a poor contact, check the power socket, pull out the plug after starting and wait for a few minutes before reconnecting

Remote Control via Mobile App - With the FMART APP, you can enjoy smart control, switch between multiple languages, and even customize voice prompts. The voice control feature supports 10 languages。② The 2.4GHz frequency remote control provides manual control of water spraying, cleaning modes, and directional commands. Its strong anti-interference capability ensures reliable operation within a maximum effective range of 10 meters.

Intelligent Frame Detection - The robot limpia vidrios is equipped with four pressure detection sensors along the window edges, ensuring real-time monitoring of the frame. It automatically adjusts its route when encountering obstacles, guaranteeing a safe and efficient cleaning process.And equippedLarge square wipe design fits more closely to the edge of the window, perfectly suitable for all windows

Double Protection - automatic window cleaner robot needs to be equipped with power cord and safety rope when working. The robot window cleaner glass cleaning embedded UPS (uninterruptible power supply system) can be in the case of an accidental power failure, keep the window cleaning robot suction 30 minutes without falling off.